Hand-crafted and Inspired

Our wide range of bags are hand crafted to fit niche uses. Artisans use the method of hand-weaving and crocheting to create Masmara’s finely detailed bags. They are all carefully fabric-lined to enable sturdiness to the bags and safety to your belongings. Our eco- friendly bags come from the creativity of various artisans across South India.


  • Versatile handbags made out of Jute-Cotton
  • Available designs- laptop bags and everyday handbags
  • From the hands of rural artisans of North Karnataka
  • Sizes vary according with designs.

Tote Bags

  • Jute-cotton Tote Bags
  • Spacious to accommodate your necessities
  • Made by the artisans of rural North Karnataka
  • Variety of sizes available.


  • Sturdy fabric Clutches
  • Available in a variety of colours and kasuti embroidery designs
  • Made by artisans of rural North Karnataka
  • Longer and bigger compartments make it a spacious accessory .


  • Spacious fabric pouches with zippers for toiletries and cosmetics
  • Made out of upcycled cotton fabric
  • Made by rural NGO’s that work with Individuals with disabilities
  • Available in small and large sizes.


  • Handcrafted with Jute-Cotton and Ahimsa leather
  • Masterpieces from rural artisans from North Karnataka
  • Designs available- with and without flaps and comes with multiple compartments
  • Sizes vary with designs.

Sling Bags

  • Long, classy, hand-made sling bags for all occasions and attires
  • Options available in jute-cotton, jute, Crocheted, and woven banana fibre
  • From artisans of North Karnataka
  • Sizes available- Standard size

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