Versatile and Inventive

Masmara has traditionally made baskets with contemporary designs. Making a basket can take hours, days, or even weeks, so we have expert artisans from all over North – Karnataka to work on the Baskets.Our Basket weaving artisans have a great sense of touch, and good hand-eye coordination to produce excellent results. All the raw materials used in our baskets are natural, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Laundry Baskets

  • Various sizes of laundry baskets made of Jute-Cotton, and Banana Fibres
  • Available in variety of colours and designs
  • Made by artisans of rural North Karnataka

Gift Baskets

  • Gift baskets for various occasions
  • Available in woven banana fibre and dried banana fibre sheets
  • Sizes vary and can be customised


  • Dried banana stem and banana fibre planters
  • Adorn your lovely house plant pots with natural fibre planters
  • Available in two varieties- Bottomless and covered- bottom planters

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