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The stem of the banana plant is extremely fibrous and can be used to create many different products. Banana fiber is one of the many natural fibers which can be an alternative to synthetic fibers. It can be spun into thin threads or thick ropes. The banana stem sheets can also be used, as is, to make handicraft products or in packaging. Banana fiber has high tensile strength and can be blended with cotton fiber or synthetic fibers to make blended fabric.  Fabric made from Banana fiber is breathable and durable plus its production uses less water than cotton. Currently, in India, a wide range of craft products like bags, baskets, mats, dolls, tea coasters, stationery items etc are being made from Banana fiber.  Carpets and window blinds are also being woven by using handlooms. Lampshades made from banana paper or banana fiber gives out soft diffused light.

At masmara, we have a variety of products made from the banana stem and fiber. Check out our range of baskets, boxes and stationeries.


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