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Dhokra art originated in the areas of West Bengal and Odisha 4000 years ago. The term dhokra has been named after the Dhokra damar Tribe, who were traditional metalsmiths. The presence of this tribe is also spread across Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Kerala, thus making the artform available across the country.

In Dhokra art, Bronze and Copper based alloys are fashioned using the lost-wax technique to create stunning figurines and jewellery. The lost-wax technique is- making of a replica of the desired product with wax, and molten metal is poured into it. Once the mold is ready, the wax replica is drained and melted away. Dhokra art uses simple folk motifs in their designs to make enchanting figurines, religious images and jewelleries.

Dhokra craftwork can be seen in masmara’s range of jewellery and home decor products.


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