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The Lambani tribe is one of the most ancient tribes in India who have successfully preserved their tradition. They are artisans found across the country with their origins in Rajasthan- North India, who later migrated to the southern parts of the country. With their rich history of travelling and settling in various parts of the country, they also possess different names in each region. They are called
Lambarfi, Banjara, Lamani and Sukali in Karnataka.

Lambani Artisans are skilled in various art forms like- Embroidery, jewellery making, painting, dance, and music. Their art has the quality of standing out in the crowd for their elaborate use of vibrant colours, shiny metals and mirrors.  Lambani embroidery involves stitching of mirrors, decorating beads, attaching cloth patches and coins onto self-made clothes. And their jewellery making
has the use of metals like copper, white metal and silver.

Lambani craftwork can be seen in masmara’s range of metal work jewellery, cotton beads jewellery and home decor products.


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